Protection You Can Trust

The best way to keep your smile healthy and beautiful
is to prevent problems before they begin.

Medure Dental offers a variety of comprehensive dental care services, designed to keep your teeth working well and feeling fantastic.


Regular dental exams are the best way to keep your smile in shape.

By identifying cavities, gum disease, infection, or irritation in the early stages, you can prevent a small issue from becoming larger dental problems. Book an appointment today to stop a problem from developing tomorrow.  



As with other types of cancer, it’s important to
perform routine screenings for oral cancer.

Detecting abnormalities or potential complications at an early stage allows you to pursue the most effective treatment options. At Medure Dental, we use a combination of visual and manual screening techniques, to check your mouth for signs of cancer or precancerous lesions.


Our digital x-ray system uses lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays, and also allows images to be shared immediately with patients.

Computer monitors in exam rooms make it easy for us to discuss the results of their examination with you.  


Thorough cleanings with experienced hygienists keep your teeth and gums in top condition.

We use Cavitron scalers to remove plaque and tartar, freeing your mouth from problematic trapped bacteria. You’ll leave our office feeling fresh and clean!


Gum disease causes swollen gums, bleeding, and pain.
It can lead to tooth loss, and even increases your risk
of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

That’s why we take great care to keep your gums in optimum health, providing deep cleaning and periodontal therapy right here in our Avondale office.


Fluoride is an element that occurs in nature, and is often added to products like toothpaste or mouthwash. In most areas, there’s even fluoride in water supplies. That’s because it has been well proven to help prevent cavities and tooth decay, and it keeps your teeth strong. That’s important to overall oral health – and we’re not just talking about kids!

We offer fluoride treatments at every visit for both adult
patients and children. After all, nobody likes a cavity.


Protecting your teeth should be a priority when playing sports or engaging in any high-contact activity.

We create custom, professional mouthguards to help prevent injury. 


We want you to feel at ease in our dental chair.

That’s why we use oral sedation and nitrous oxide to keep you comfortable. At Medure Dental, we will be happy to discuss sedation options in advance of your procedure, or you can call us at 904-387-0501 with any questions.


Getting a straight, perfect smile doesn’t necessarily
mean a mouthful of metal anymore.

Invisalign treatment offers a removable, nearly invisible option for correcting tooth position. Without metal brackets and wires, brushing and flossing is a breeze – and you can even take the trays out during meals!


Sealants help protect the back molars from bacteria, decay, and cavities.

First, the tooth-colored sealant material is "painted" on the molar, and then dried in place with a hand-held light.  The procedure is quick and painless. 



If you have an accident that results in a damaged tooth, or experience sudden severe pain, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We’ll get you into the office, and out of pain, as soon as possible.